Multi Endpoint RGB lights

This weekend I finally found some time for some updates and completed the multi endpoint with 4 RGB lights. I was hoping to drive more lights with a single JN5168, but it seems 4 RGB’s is the absolute limit. Since the JN5168 only has 5 PWM outputs, an external PWM controller was required. After having a hard time to with the Adafruit TLC59711 I succeeded with the Adafruit PCA9685. Also, updated the download page and pushed the repo to GitHub 🙂

Here is a short video showing the connection to the Hue and controlling the lights. Sometimes the App doesn’t update the state of the lights as fast as with single lights, I think this is because the JN5168 is pretty busy driving the lights.

The image below shows how all the parts are connected, it’s pretty simple.

Multi endpoint RGB schematic

Some more pictures

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Author: Peter


  1. Could this be used to create a hue-compatible switched or dimmable outlet similar to the old Phillips LivingWhites plug or current Sylvania model 72922 smart plug?

    If a single inexpensive control board could run something like a Arduino relay shield via multi-endpoint, it could easily integrate into the output side of a multi toggle switch housing. Even including the 5168, relays, and PCBs, it would likely cost between $10-15 per circuit for a quad toggle switch. That’s almost as inexpensive as the cheapest RF relay outlets on Amazon, with full Hue integration, and works with small candelabra and fluorescent fixtures where standard Hue bulbs won’t.

  2. Hi

    I am using MeshBee for testing right now. If I use your code, would I need to add ZLL master key to connect it Philips Hue, or is it already included in the code?
    If you need to add it do you know where in the code?



      1. Thanks, if I am going to use NXP ZLL demo code, than I would need it right?
        Could tell me where this key needs to be added it, is it in common/source/ecb_decrypt.c
        this variable:
        // The Key input to the AES Program
        uint8 Key[16];

        Or somewhere else?

        Thanks for help


        I like your work nice hacking skills …

  3. What’s on Git, does not compile:

    c:/NXP/bstudio_nxp/zll/Custom_ZLL_Lights/Light_ColorLight/Source/zps_gen.c:1015:5: error: ‘zps_msgMcpsDcfm’ undeclared here (not in a function)

    First off there’s an NXP2 dir in the includes, besides NXP, and the above mentioned message does not exist.

    Do you have a coding version that DOES work?

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