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Custom firmware Hue lights

Update (mar 23, 2017) Now supporting Multi Endpoint Lights (RGB is coming). I put all the relevant info on this page, and I will keep it updated. Update (dec 3, 2016) Pushed the sources to GitHub, available here In my previous posts I described how I was able to connect a Mesh Bee with cloned […]

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Breakout breakthrough

As of today I am able to connect any JN5168, with custom firmware, to my Hue. The problem I thought I was having was not with the Bee’s, but with the NXP demo software and a lost key.

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Cloning a Zigbee Light Link Device to a MeshBee

For a while now, I have had this idea to create a hardware interface for custom led lighting which connects to my Philips Hue. Since the Hue device only accepts Zigbee Light Link compliant devices, I did some research on the possibilities of creating my own device. As I am not an electronics engineer, I was looking for components that require minimal […]

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