Preparing the Zigbee Light Link Demo for Mesh Bee

This post describes the actions required to prepare the NXP Zigbee Light Link demo project (JN-AN-1171) for editing in Beyond Studio. After these steps you will be able to navigate and edit the code and upload the resulting binaries to any JN516X chip, including a Mesh Bee.

Install Beyond Studio following the installation instructions (JN-UG-3098), don’t forget the Zigbee plugins (section 1.2.3). After this, the demo project  can be imported to your workspace.

Import existing project

Pick the location of the JN-AN-1171 demo project, and select the preferred options.

Import project

Clicking Finish will import the project into your workspace.  At this point the application should build and the resulting binary can be loaded into a MeshBee.

By default the project includes a reference to an older SDK version (JN-SW-4168) this causes the indexing to fail, making editing the code practically impossible. To resolve the indexing problem, open the properties by right-clicking on the root of the project and include the current SDK. With a default installation the path to include is: C:\NXP\bstudio_nxp\sdk\JN-SW-4168\Components\Common\Include. I’ve added this for all configurations to the GNU C language.

Include the SDK

Rebuilding the application will automatically add the required includes:

The includes are added after the build

Now, just rebuild the index and everything should resolve.

Rebuild index

At this point you can edit, navigate and upload the code to a Mesh Bee.

Please feel free to ask questions and share your own projects.

Author: Peter


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